Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Loot

For those who haven't read the previous post, Jack and the Social Media, this beginning might be slightly queer. So, Let me try and give a quick Recap. Not so long ago, A little boy named Jack made a tricky trade that he didn't regret. That tricky trade, according to our analogy is the Birth of Social Media. We have already discussed the long and eventful history of Social Networking sites in the previous post. Now we come to the most important part of the story. What was all this for? It was so that Jack can live happily ever after. In short, it was all about the “Loot”. So now let us look at what all Jack and the rest of us gain from these evergrowing Social Networking Sites.


How can you squander even one more day not taking advantage of the greatest shifts of our generation? How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable?Seth Godin, sethgodin.typepad.com

Businesses from all over the globe have started turning to facebook and twitter for gathering customers and building brand image. 15% of Active Twitter users identify themselves as social media marketers. That is 3 in every 20 regular twitter users are there to sell something: A product, A Service or an Idea. Businesses are becoming increasingly interested in Twitter and social media in general.A recent study by Association of National Advertisers shows that 66% of marketers have used social media in some capacity in 2009. Of which, 63% are on Twitter and 74% are on Facebook. This might almost seem unwarranted for those who are ignorant of what people are actually saying on the social networking sites. Facebook and Twitter are growing at an alarming pace to become every body's best friend. People open up their every need, want and whim to these sites. All marketers have to do is listen. They have to listen and they will find their potential customers. After that it is a simple process of metrics to convert these leads into money. There is so much more to be said on this front that putting it all in one blog post is impossible. Keep reading to find out how Social Media Marketing has grown to become the single most powerful marketing tool we have seen.


That is yet another golden egg laying hen that Jack stole from Blunderbore, The Giant. News channels have changed their finishing statement from “Continue watching *so and so channel* for further news” to “Follow us on twitter to stay updated about further happenings”. Knowingly or unknowingly, the creators of social networking had built the ideal platform for News Broadcast. So much was the effectiveness of these sites that in 2009, Twitter was the first source of Information about the Plane crash on Hudson River in New York. Celebrity Tweets have become major source of entertainment, controversy and knowledge to those who are interested. The purpose of Social Networking had translated from being “Connected to Friends” to being “Connected to the World”

In these and many more ways, Social Media has empowered today's citizen. It has changed, perhaps forever, the way we view human relationships. It has helped us bring about change, make friends and create opportunities that we never knew possible. While it continues to change the course of our futures, all we can do is ogle at its growth, reach and potential and each and every time, let it is surprise us, overwhelm us even. For the humanity as a collective whole is the Jack who gets to live Happily Ever After.

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