Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Are holiday customers different?

Robyn over at the Blue Acorn eCommerce Blog offers tips on being engaged with customers who shopped with you over the holidays. Here's one more idea - personalize offers to the customer based on their demographic information.

Recommendation systems are getting a lot of press coverage these days. While a lot of the personalization works based on past user behaviour, such as what they bought and when, very little seems to leverage personal information. Back here in India, its common for restaurants to ask for your birthday and wedding anniversary in a feedback form at the end of the meal. If you do choose to share this information, typically, the restaurant sends you a card and offers like "a free cake" or "20% off" close to that date. Why not do this online as well? You then have a great way to stay in touch with your customers at very important moments in their lives.

Merging this information with Friend data - assuming that privacy issues are taken care of - makes it sound even more interesting. How about telling your customers friends what products they might like for their birthday? Sounds intriguing and worth exploring!

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